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Trade Approvals

Equipment Trade Approvals

This page lists the OIML EC Test Certificates that have been issued to A&D Company. A&D Instruments can test and certify all products listed that are approved for trade use.

Model or Series Certificate
EW-i Series T6391
EK-610i, EK-6100i T6969
FZ Series, FZ-WP Series T7678
GX Series UK 2560 Rev 1
GX-8K, GX-10K, GX-12K, GX-20K, GX-30K T7046
GP-12KA, GP-20KA, GP-22KA, GP-30KA, GP-32KA, GP-60KA, GP-100KA, GP-102KA UK 2651 Rev 1
HR-EC Series T2733
GR Series T5591
GH Series T6919


HL-3000WP, HL-3000LWP


SJ UK2848
SJ-HS UK2939
SK-1000WP, SK-2000WP, SK-5000WP, SK-10KWP, WK-20KWP UK 2661 Rev 5
FG-K Series (New Models since 2005) T6974
HV-G Series (including HV-G-WP) UK 2549 Rev 2
FS-i Series UK 2824
SW Series T7942
*AD-4328 TC2958
*AD-4329 TC5870
*AD-4401 TC5416
*AD-4402 TC6219
* AD-4405, AD-4406, AD-4407 TC6604
*AD-4408A TC8024
*LCC11 TC6053
*LC-5207 TC2965

2nd Stage Verification

A&D Instruments can 2nd Stage verify the above products at our premises for your chosen point of use at the time of ordering a product (except where indicated) A&D may request details, including postcode of the intended final point of use. 2nd Stage verification is a chargeable service. * Verification only possible at the final point of use and/or when assembled as part of a complete system.