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  • RV-10000/A Tuning Fork Rheometer
    RV-10000/A Tuning Fork Rheometer

    A significant breakthrough in Viscosity Measurement of Non-Newtonian Fluids. The RV-10000 series has a single viscosity detection system that can measure from very low to high viscosity without interruption (max. 0.3 to 25,000 mPa•s), which realizes high versatility and allows measurement of various types of fluids with just one instrument. It also allows continuous monitoring of viscosity variation with time, temperature as well as shear rate. The sensor plate amplitude can be altered while the frequency is kept at 30 Hz (between the minimum of 0.07 mm and the maximum of 1.2 mm (peak to peak). This results in differing vibration speeds (hence, shear rates)

  • SV-10 / SV-100 Sine-Wave Vibro Viscometers
    SV-10 / SV-100 Sine-Wave Vibro Viscometers

    Revolutionary range of viscometer featuring the vibrating tuning fork measurement method. The SV Series provides a fast highly accurate result and is simple to use. Ideal for non Newtonian products particularly those with a volatile nature. 10,000cP and 100,000cP Capacity models.

  • SV-A Series Accurate Vibro Viscometers
    SV-A Series Accurate Vibro Viscometers

    The SV-A is the latest addition to the family of revolutionary Sine Wave Vibro Viscometers. The SV-10 and SV-100 have introduced a ground breaking new discipline to the viscometry market with their ease of operation, high accuracy and fast testing times.