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Data Capture Software

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  • WinCT Version 3.00 Includes RS Weight
    WinCT Version 3.00 Includes RS Weight

    Not compatible with Windows 7 or Vista OS Software is so easy to use, that anyone can download data from an A&D balance directly to a PC! It is compatible with any A&D balance or scale that is equipped with an RS-232C Interface. Updated with new RSWeight Feature!

  • LabVIEW® Driver Software
    LabVIEW® Driver Software

    We are proud to announce that LabVIEW® Driver software, developed by National Instruments Inc., are now available for use with A&D Balances.

  • WinCT Version 5.10
    WinCT Version 5.10

    WinCT© is a software application designed to download information from your A&D balance directly into your personal computer, saving you the time and effort of having to manually enter your weighing data and reducing the chance of data input errors. WinCT© consists of three components: RsCom, RsKey and RsWeight. Suitable for Windows Vista and Windows 8 (32Bit).

  • WinST Software
    WinST Software

    WinST is a program for reading settings such as code numbers or function settings stored in a text file on a PC from and writing the saved files to an A&D Indicator.

  • WinCT Moisture Software
    WinCT Moisture Software

    The WinCT-Moisture is ideal software to use when measuring with either MX,MF or MS Moisture Analyzers.

  • WinCT Viscosity Software
    WinCT Viscosity Software

    This software enables A&D’s Sine-wave Vibro Viscometer SV Series to display the progress of measurement in real time on a PC or easily transmit the measured results (data) to save or analyze.

  • WinCT-UFC

    Data can be transmitted and received via RS-232C between a weighing instrument and a computer. The result transmitted/received can be displayed on the computer screen and saved in text file. Printing is also possible.