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  • AD-FDI

    Storing virtually any weighing data on a USB key

  • AD-1682 Rechargeable Battery Pack
    AD-1682 Rechargeable Battery Pack

    The AD-1682 is a rechargeable battery pack that enables weighing products to be operated in an environment where a power source is not available. The AD-1682 is designed for use with A&D weighing products.

  • AD-1684 Electrostatic Field Meter
    AD-1684 Electrostatic Field Meter

    The AD-1684 is an electrostatic field meter designed for detecting the existence of static electricity, which is often the cause of inaccurate weighing.The AD-1684 can be used for measuring the electrostatic charge of measured objects or on automated factory lines, and for confirming the effect of a static eliminator (e.g. the AD-1683).

  • AD-8526 Serial / Ethernet Converter
    AD-8526 Serial / Ethernet Converter

    The AD-8526 can connect the RS-232C interface of an A&D weighing instrument to the Ethernet (LAN) port of a computer that is not equipped with an RS-232C interface.

  • AD-1032M Average Weight Terminal
    AD-1032M Average Weight Terminal

    The AD-1032M is an IP65 compact stand alone QA system, allowing professional quality control by weights of up to 500 products, generating 3 independent statistical reports per product. The system creates graphical prints of MEAN, standard deviation and propotional bar chart, on standard manual printer paper.

  • Comparator Lights
    Comparator Lights

    Visualize your comparator outputs with the ADI-CL130 or ADI-CL600 Comparator Traffic Lights. For Checkweighing or Filling applications.

  • AD-8922A Remote Controller
    AD-8922A Remote Controller

    The AD-8922A is a remote controller that can be connected to an A&D manufactured weighing instrument using the RS-232C serial interface.

  • AD-1681 Rechargeable Battery Pack
    AD-1681 Rechargeable Battery Pack

    AD-1681 Rechargeable Battery Pack for many scales and indicators.

  • AD-1683 Static Eliminator
    AD-1683 Static Eliminator

    The AD1683 static eliminator, which incorporates a high-voltage power source, is a DC power-operated small-size device which can eliminate static electricity from charged objects by passing the items through the de-ionizing field produced at the front of the static eliminator.

  • AD-1687 Weighing Environment Logger
    AD-1687 Weighing Environment Logger

    Temperature, Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Vibration and Weighing Data - All in One Device

  • AD-1688 Portable Weighing Data Logger
    AD-1688 Portable Weighing Data Logger

    The AD-1688 is a compact portable data logger that allows a user to collect weight data from a balance or scale, store it and transfer it to a PC for quick and accurate analysis.

  • AD-8121B Dot Matrix Statistical Printer
    AD-8121B Dot Matrix Statistical Printer

    Rugged dot matrix impact printer. Full range of statistical functions including - Weight,Total Weight, Counting Data, Total Count, Number of Operations, Max, Min, Range, Standard Deviation.

  • AD-8527 Quick USB Interface
    AD-8527 Quick USB Interface

    The AD-8527 USB Adaptor is a compact device that allows the direct transmission of weighing data from an instrument into a software application such as Microsoft Excel without the need for drivers or additional software of any kind.

  • MCP Basic & Statistical Thermal Printer
    MCP Basic & Statistical Thermal Printer

    Thermal print mechanism with statistic function, simple operation, high speed, high resolution printing capability

  • AD-8920A Intelligent Remote Display
    AD-8920A Intelligent Remote Display

    The AD-8920 is a 7 Digit 13mm Vacuum Fluorescent Display. It can be connected to various A&D Balances and Indicators via RS232 or Current Loop Serial.