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  • MPA Series Single Channel Electronic Pipettes
    MPA Series Single Channel Electronic Pipettes

    High precision assured for everyone at all times. Unlike the manual pipette, dispensed quantities will not vary with each individual, which makes the results of analyses always reliable. If necessary, you can concentrate on other tasks while leaving pipetting work to others. Reduced physical strain with light and short key strokes. Have you ever suffered a repetitive strain injury (RSI) on the thumb after long hours of work with a manual pipette? The key operation of an electronic pipette requires the minimum amount of force, and keeps strain on your hand to the lowest degree possible.

  • RV-10000/A Tuning Fork Rheometer
    RV-10000/A Tuning Fork Rheometer

    A significant breakthrough in Viscosity Measurement of Non-Newtonian Fluids. The RV-10000 series has a single viscosity detection system that can measure from very low to high viscosity without interruption (max. 0.3 to 25,000 mPa•s), which realizes high versatility and allows measurement of various types of fluids with just one instrument. It also allows continuous monitoring of viscosity variation with time, temperature as well as shear rate. The sensor plate amplitude can be altered while the frequency is kept at 30 Hz (between the minimum of 0.07 mm and the maximum of 1.2 mm (peak to peak). This results in differing vibration speeds (hence, shear rates)

  • MC-Series Mass Comparators
    MC-Series Mass Comparators

    Precision balances with extended resolution. For management of masses in the OIML Class F1 or below. The balances of the MC Series, display the weighing results with an extra decimal place not normally available for the given weighing capacity. The extended resolution enables measurements of minute weight changes with heavy objects or containers. Example applications are: management of liquid amounts, management of gas amounts, management of powder amounts and production line weighing.

  • EJ Series Compact Balances
    EJ Series Compact Balances

    The EJ compact balance out performs other higher priced scales while still maintaining a compact size. These accurate, high quailty, attractive, stackable units are perfect for applications where portability or easy storage are paramount.

  • HT-120 Compact Precision Scale
    HT-120 Compact Precision Scale

    The HT-120 provides first-rate performance and functionality, making it ideal for use not just in schools, but jewellery shops, laboratories and factories.The HT-120 features a stainless steel weighing pan and protector plate and offers a high resolution of 0.01g with excellent repeatability.

  • HT Series Compact Educational Scales
    HT Series Compact Educational Scales

    The HT Series brings optimum weighing performance to price conscious purchasers. Available with a best capacity of 5kg (1g resolution) and a best displayed resolution of 0.1g (500g capacity). Comes packaged in a perspex carry case.

  • HL-i Compact Scales
    HL-i Compact Scales

    HL-i series compact design makes it highly suitable for weighing applications at work, school, home or anywhere.

  • AD-8527 Quick USB Interface
    AD-8527 Quick USB Interface

    The AD-8527 USB Adaptor is a compact device that allows the direct transmission of weighing data from an instrument into a software application such as Microsoft Excel without the need for drivers or additional software of any kind.

  • MCP Basic & Statistical Thermal Printer
    MCP Basic & Statistical Thermal Printer

    Thermal print mechanism with statistic function, simple operation, high speed, high resolution printing capability

  • WinCT Version 3.00 Includes RS Weight
    WinCT Version 3.00 Includes RS Weight

    Not compatible with Windows 7 or Vista OS Software is so easy to use, that anyone can download data from an A&D balance directly to a PC! It is compatible with any A&D balance or scale that is equipped with an RS-232C Interface. Updated with new RSWeight Feature!

  • EW-i Series Portable Multi Range Balances
    EW-i Series Portable Multi Range Balances

    A range of portable top pan balances featuring multi range weighing capability. The EW-i series is trade approved.

  • FZ-i Series Precision Balances
    FZ-i Series Precision Balances

    The FZ-i precision balance brings top of the range performance to the price conscious. The Air Pump Controlled Internal Calibration system provides high reliability & fail safe calibration. Featuring 1 second stabilisation with the C-SHS Weight Sensor.

  • EK-i Series Portable Precision Balances
    EK-i Series Portable Precision Balances

    A range of high accuracy, portable top pan balances. Accuracies Range from 0.01g to 1g and capacities from 200g to 12kg.

  • LabVIEW® Driver Software
    LabVIEW® Driver Software

    We are proud to announce that LabVIEW® Driver software, developed by National Instruments Inc., are now available for use with A&D Balances.

  • WinCT Version 5.10
    WinCT Version 5.10

    WinCT© is a software application designed to download information from your A&D balance directly into your personal computer, saving you the time and effort of having to manually enter your weighing data and reducing the chance of data input errors. WinCT© consists of three components: RsCom, RsKey and RsWeight. Suitable for Windows Vista and Windows 8 (32Bit).

  • SJ Compact Bench Scale
    SJ Compact Bench Scale

    A low cost Bench Scale, the SJ-HS is ideally suited to any basic weighing application. Featuring capacities up to 12 kg and a settling time of less than 1 second the SJ-HS will meet all product packing requirements.

  • HR-A / HR-AZ Compact Analytical Balances
    HR-A / HR-AZ Compact Analytical Balances

    Fast accurate analytical weighing to 0.1mg readability. Compact, robust design by A&D with 4 years warranty:198 mm × 294 mm.

  • SV-10 / SV-100 Sine-Wave Vibro Viscometers
    SV-10 / SV-100 Sine-Wave Vibro Viscometers

    Revolutionary range of viscometer featuring the vibrating tuning fork measurement method. The SV Series provides a fast highly accurate result and is simple to use. Ideal for non Newtonian products particularly those with a volatile nature. 10,000cP and 100,000cP Capacity models.

  • AD-1690 Pipette Leak Tester
    AD-1690 Pipette Leak Tester

    The AD-1690 instantly identifies any compromise in the pressure integrity of small pumps, piping, storage containers and especially micropipettes. Tests devises to 50ml capacity.